Friday, January 14, 2011

on turning 49...

in seven days i will be celebrating my birthday.
this birthday, with its close proximity to 50, is throwing me for a bit of a loop.
i wish i was so self-actualized that i could embrace this birthday.
but i can't.
and so i am over processing what this birthday means. where i am at. where i am not.
it's torture.
so, for the next week i will be posting things i've learned along the way.
Seven thoughts for the next seven days.
i thought i could organize my thoughts by category (great suggestion zoe) but i think it will be more interesting if i don't.

so, here it goes.

49 things i've learned in 49 years.
(the first seven)

Spanx and concealer are proof that there is a God and she's a woman.

The hardest thing for a woman to do is ask for what she wants.

Let your children know what you believe in. It gives them something to rebel against.

The only person brave enough to answer the 'does this make me look fat' question is no one.

If it doesn't fit in the store it's not going to fit when you get it home.

Your children will do stupid stuff even if you teach them not to do stupid stuff.

Jeans don't shrink that much.

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