Thursday, December 9, 2010's winter.

i hate the cold.
and man, oh man is it cold here.
december is usually mild.
not now.
now it's brutal.
as i'm walking down the street in my fur hooded, down jacket i think to myself..
i'm not really cold. it's all in your mind. just smile and act like you don't care..then you won't be cold.
that bullshit mind game is usually good for two blocks.
then some wind comes whipping around and i'm thinking...
how bad can florida be?
what's worse than being perpetually cold for a good 3-4 months is 3pm.
3 pm is when it gets dark.
i could get into bed, turn off the lights and call it a day.
that's how dark it is.
all this is beyond depressing.
i hope to perk up by the weekend.
i may have to double up on my vitamin D.

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