Friday, December 17, 2010

going to south africa

you know you're going someplace cool when you take more drugs than sunblock.
south africa has been on my bucket list forever.
we leave today and get there who knows when.
we're all a bit under the weather but my guess is the minute that sunshine hits us we'll be feeling great.
i've decided to leave my computer at home so i can really disconnect and relax.
that also means i won't be blogging for the two weeks i am away.
see you in january.


Tanya said...

I'm on holiday in my home land SA right now, breath in deep this air is magical. Have a super time

inbetweenloadingthedishwasher said...

you are so right..the air here is magical. i am at a game reserve in sabi sands right now and i asked our ranger what that gorgeous smell is and he introduced me to wild beautiful. later in the week we go to cape town, the wine country and then knynsa. if you have any favorite spots in these areas, please pass along.