Friday, May 6, 2011

happy birthday sammy and zoe!

it's funny.

i can't remember what i just said but i remember with absolute clarity the morning of may 6, 1994. i remember what i had for
breakfast, what i wore, the color of the sky.

when you are pregnant you know your life is about to change, you're just not exactly sure how and whether it will be mostly for the better or worse.

and then 17 years comes and goes. somehow you figure out how to bathe two babies at once. how to live on almost no sleep. how to stop a toddler from choking on a half eaten bagel. thank goodness for all the photos of the girls at every stage of their life otherwise i would find it completely unlikely that they've got better taste in shoes and music than me. and they can now buy their own R-rated movie tickets.

happy birthday girls. love ya.

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