Friday, May 13, 2011

that was weird.. my blog disappeared for awhile..

it's back so i guess all is well.

anyway this photo reminds me of what i love so much about nyc. you never know what you will see when you're out and about on your daily run around the neighborhood.

like yesterday. i was walking lola along the same stretch i've walked her for oh 4 years. i don't know why but i stopped and looked at this plaque that sits on a gorgeous memorial on 89th and riverside in riverside park. turns out that right smack in the middle of the upper west side, across the street from a yeshiva and in full view of new jersey, is a war memorial commemorating all those that fought in the civil war and defended the union.

it was pretty amazing to realize what this monument stood for and it sort of put walking the dog on a whole other level. at least for that minute.

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