Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what would ms. manners say.

i actually love hearing from people over the internet on my birthday.

and i've sent my fair share of happy birthday texts.

not sure if this is ok according to the people who decide this stuff. but one of the reasons i started writing my own cards
is because the ones they sell in the stores are so awful.

and then there's the issue of thank you notes. is it ok to send these on the internet? according to my poll of two teenagers---yes. but i am not sure about this.


Leah G said...

I'll take the worship in any form someone wishes to send it.

And speaking of thank you notes, saw a great question the other day-- why don't grandparents ever send thank you notes?

Love your cards, your sensibilities and your aesthetic

inbetweenloadingthedishwasher said...

thanks, leah.