Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my morning...

so, everyday i wake up and have the same thing for breakfast.
fage fat free yogurt, cereal and coffee.
but for some reason my local grocery stores have been out of fage--what's up with that?
so, one morning i made eggs (ick) and this morning i tried chobani yogurt.
honestly, it was fine. but i sorta miss my yogurt.
it's funny how we get stuck on things...really stupid a brand of yogurt.

i am new to this whole breakfast is great thing.
i just never really liked food first thing in the morning.
but about a year ago i went on weight watchers and when you're on weight watchers you wake up HUNGRY!
so that's how i got into breakfast.
and now that i no longer follow weight watchers i still love breakfast.

and by the way, this is six points!

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