Thursday, February 10, 2011

the disappearing blog...

this afternoon, when i was about to upload these cards and write something really witty, i couldn't find my blog.
it just disappeared.
poof, gone, nowhere to be found.
beyond scary because it's not like there was a human being i could actually speak to at google or blogspot to get some help.
i spent hours on the internet trying to figure it out...i.e. going from "help" forum to "help" forum and nothing.
i took the dog for a i could cry in private...and when i came back jimmy and sammy were busy filling out forms on the internet to retrieve my password. the first couple of tries didn't work and just as i was about to throw my computer out the window i got an email from google saying...good're on your way to retrieving your password.
and as the saying goes,,,,all's well that ends well.

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