Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy july!

both girls are away now.
sam is at a performing arts camp and zoe is at tennis camp.
it's funny because for the first time either one of them can be reached at their summer programs.
in years passed there were phone day a week, for 10 minutes at a time when we could talk.
no longer.
now, if i want to talk to them, i just pick up the phone and dial.
they are both reachable, whenever.
but i'm finding that i'm not calling them too much and they're not calling me too much.
i think that's good.
it's nice to disconnect for a while.
that's the whole point of going away for the summer.
last night, i was bbm-ing with zoe and i was asking her some mundane question.
suddenly she was tired and had to go.
can't say i blame her.

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