Monday, July 19, 2010

Oldest Camper Show

Sammy is in that highly coveted position at camp: oldest camper.
with that status comes all kinds of benefits: air conditioned bunks complete with living room, kitchen, phone and tv.
it's pretty sweet and a nice way to bond one last time with the 18 other girls you've known for every summer since third grade.
i never loved camp. neither did jimmy or our other daughter zoe.
but sammy does.
she has really thrived up there in lenox, massachusetts.
i think she's free there in a way she can't be at home.
over the years she's been in a bizillion musicals and ballets and modern dance shows.
and the few times i've gotten to see her perform i've always been amazed at how brave she is.
however big or small the part, she gets up on stage and goes for it.
that's camp.
last night's show came on the heels of visiting day.
i always assumed that the camp was in morning once all the parents left.
last night proved otherwise.
the entire camp seemed lighter and happier than they had seemed all day.
there was definitely a sense of 'thank god the parents are we can get back to having fun.'
and they did.
at 8pm sharp the entire camp filled the jessup theatre and all at once began chanting.. OCS, OCS, OCS.
it was great.

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