Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sammy's at camp and it's time to start writing letters again...

this whole card business started when the girls went off to camp.
i found myself leaving card shops totally frustrated with the selection.
no, i didn't want to send my kids fart jokes or elaborate notes in sand or checklists where i could just check-off missing you.
so, i started making my own cards.
the pressure is really on to come up with some good cards.
this is sammy's last year at camp.
here's card number four.
(1,2,3 were ones i already posted)
it comes out of so many conversations i've had with the girls.
just be yourself.
be true to what you want and think.
but when you're 16 you don't always know who you are.
and what you want.
and what exactly to think.
time to pull out the parenting manual.

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who am i said...

At what age do you know who you are?