Wednesday, June 23, 2010


it's been crazy around here.
between packing my daughter off for camp and dealing with a clothes dryer on the brink of death just as were trying to get everything washed and in the trunks, i haven't really gotten anything too creative done today.
so, i'm going to post my homework from last night's type class.
the assignment: redesign a poster for a broadway show.
i chose to tackle the american idiot poster because i had just seen the show last week with sammy.
the poster above is fairly rough but i think you get the idea.
what did i learn in last night's class...
the color green is a big no no...only artists like it...real people don't.
never use more than three confuses people.
the objective of good type design is to surprise people.
but not too much.
for example, you'd never want to use 'the finger' in lieu of the letter 'i'.

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