Friday, August 5, 2011

quarterfinals, check.

for years i've watched zoe play tournaments and jimmy play tournaments.

but last weekend i got to watch jimmy and zoe play together in the club mixed doubles tournament.

the match started off slow. zoe and jimmy were down 1-3. then the conference took place. i found out afterwards they talked about adjusting since what they were initially doing wasn't working. and then like that the game turned. they won the first set 6-3 and the second set 6-0. it was pretty exciting. they were both on fire, playing like a well oiled team.

and then it dawned on me that they are a well oiled team. they've been playing tennis together for over five years. they know each other's games inside and out. they know each other inside out.

in the next round they play the top seed---i guess that's what you would call the luck of the draw. win or lose it's going to be a good match. this team is not going down easily.

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