Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i don't know why i stopped blogging but i'm glad i did...

for a long time i blogged everyday.
and then one day i didn't feel like it anymore.
so i didn't---which is what's really nice about blogging.
you can just quit.
or not.
i read a post today that really articulated what i have been thinking.
sometimes when you hit 'publish post' you really wonder..why.
why do i do this?
why do i care?
what am i getting out of this?
initially the blog was all about my cards.
i posted a new card everyday for at least a year or so.
but then it evolved or devolved
into a warm-up.
i generally post in the morning, as i've finished the paper and coffee.
thinking about the blog, what i'm going to write, what pictures i am going to post is just another way for me to organize my thoughts for the day.
sometimes i post a new card.
sometimes i post a picture of my kids (tomorrow's blog).
sometimes i just mumble.
that's it.


Anonymous said...

welcome back, we missed you! Your cards/thoughts make me smile.

And, I have to be anonymous b/c I can't process another acct and passwd-- sorry

Anonymous said...

so great to have you back! we missed you!