Monday, May 24, 2010

why why is so important.

this morning, my daughter and i decided there was much wisdom to be gotten from spin class.
just the other day, as we were both sweating more than any human can sweat, our spin teacher encouraged us to ask ourselves
why we were in this class. and she promised that when we figured that out we'd have the strength to turn up our resistance making the class even harder.
after class, once my daughter and i could breathe again, we talked about this.
lately she's been feeling the stress of most nyc high school kids.
so i asked her: why.
why was she working so hard in school?
why was it so important to do well?
it was amazing where this conversation went.
and it made me realize how important it is every now and then to ask ourselves why.
sort of makes everything else a little easier.


Tanya said...

what an inspiring card today. such a great great question to ask your child at school. Thanks for your daily dose of grinning

Anonymous said...

What was your daughter's answer?